Pool DrillBook - The Only Way to Learn How to Drill to Play

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Pool DrillBook - The Only Way to Learn How to Drill to Play

Postby 2billiard on Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:11 pm

One can play billiards for years. But, how much time do you need to play a certain level? How many years should you train to become a master or to be able to compete the top players?
Usually it takes years.
However, due to training methods it is possible to achieve a certain result after several months, when the others need years.
The App "Pool DrillBook" - is one of the ways to a good result in rather short time. The App usage allows to systemize the training time. You won`t lose time while rolling the balls now, as you`ve got the training set and the incentive of Victory. Now you are going to use your time in a fruitfull way!
Just look around! The life goes as learning by doing. And it doesn?t matter, if we use a spoon for the meal, drive a car, learn baseball play, lacing: After a thousand of drills the element becomes "native" and you can do it with "closed eyes".
How about billiards? For ages you roll the balls, free from understanding, knowledge and skills. How to change all this? You should fix a round of exercises and drill regularly.
The "Pool DrillBook" App gives a chance to form the personal round of different exercises and to start regular trainings. The statistics will show success anyway, already after several weeks, you certainly point out the exercises which require better control, others that could be paused, and those, which have to be drilled again.
The "Pool DrillBook" App regular usage allows not to lose time, but to lead your play to another level in the shortest time, to achieve good results, to widen the skills.
The "Pool DrillBook" assists you to grow technically, as well as to stabilize your psychological level. After a certain while you would feel psychologically strong while playing, would be able to concentrate on the shot, would be able to achieve high scores.
Only with "Pool DrillBook" you will manage to achive good results in pool and become a champion within the shortest time!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pool-dr ... ?ls=1&mt=8
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