Jimmy's Feb 6th Tourney results (both events)

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Jimmy's Feb 6th Tourney results (both events)

Postby mushoogana on Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:53 am

Big table 10 Ball

1st Demitrius "Shark Eyes" Jelatis $400
2nd Jesse Engel "Bella Billards" Engel $300
3rd Mario "Mario Dreams of Billiards" Parayno $150
4th Joshua "Nickname TBD" Burbul $150

Bar Box 9 Ball

1st Mark "The Dream" Weaver $200
2nd Dan "Nothing Runs like a Dan" Thompson $150
3rd Craig "Jesazvzsdowski (sp?)" Jesinowski (sp?) $100
4th Kim "Stogey" Stigal $50

Fun tournaments!

Lol! We paid 40% of the field in the bar box event!

Thanks everyone for coming out, watching, playing, hanging out♥
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