Room size problem. 8ft, 7ft or no pool table at all

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Room size problem. 8ft, 7ft or no pool table at all

Postby Thunderdomelv on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:03 am

Dear billiard enthusiasts,

I am thinking about setting up a pool table in my guest house (renovation in progress) and I have a slight room size related problem. The room seems to be more than enough for any pool table IF it weren't for three 8x8 inch wooden beams in the way. They cannot be removed due to the fact they are structural.

The situation will be clear if you check out the picture attached, it has the room plan and comments. Technically, the beams are only in the way on some occasions while playing and then a shorter cue might be used. Since I am not an experienced pool player by far, I wonder, would it be very disappointing for guests if these wooden beams get in their standard length cue's way occasionally? How would you look at it? Should I choose a smaller non-common 39x78 inch table or a normal 46x92 inch table considering the players will be mostly (if not entirely) just casual players? Maybe this is so unacceptable that I should forget about the pool table all together? Maybe not a problem at all. Your comments would be highly appreciated!
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