Mike’s Full Equipment List

I am a tournament player and I believe that performance and confidence in one’s equipment is of the highest importance in playing your best game.  I will not tolerate substandard performance from anything I use. I seek out the best gear for myself, my students, and my customers. Almost all of the products I use are for sale in my Billiard Coach Online Store.

Here is a detailed list of the equipment I play with, endorse whole-heatedly, and sell.

Playing cue: 2008 Samsara Custom Cue  Link: Samsara Cues

This 8 point beauty has 4 high/4 low snake wood points with holly veneers into an ebony forearm and butt.  Triple diamond ring-work and a kangaroo leather wrap.  The butt alone weighs 15.335 ounces and with the shaft tips the scale at 18.47 oz. The playing shaft is a Predator Z-2 blank finished off with matching rings in Rugby, ND. One playing cue with a favorite performance shaft. Back-up shaft sometimes present, mostly not. The joint is a stainless steel Radial Pin by the Uni-Loc Corporation. The tip is a very old Moori Q for quick and very hard leather layered tip from Japan.  Links: Predator Cues, Uni-Loc Corporation

Cue Case: 2006 Jack Justis Pro-Lite custom 4 by 8 cue case. Link: Jack Justis Cue Cases

Break Cue and Jump Cue: 2009 Samsara Break/Jump cue with dart jump handle.  The break tip is the Samsara leather break tip which is also on my spare OB-1 break shaft.  I also carry a Predator BK-2 break shaft with the standard phenolic tip.  Link: OB Cues

Tip shaping accessories:  Tip-Pic (my favorite), Q-Wiz (gentle sanding for my tip only), and Joe Porper Creative Inventions burnishing tool.  I really don’t know why I carry this as my very hard tip almost never mushrooms.

Chalk: Blue Diamond chalk. The very best performing chalk I’ve used.  It is worth it.  Believe me. Link: Buy Chalk Here

Miscellaneous notes about things in my cue case:

My break cue/jump cue equipment combinations outnumber the playing cue by a wide margin.

My cue case is constantly rounded out with a rotating variety of cues/shafts for sale and gear being transported to customers. Some demo items are in there.  The bottom pocket becomes a magnet for lip care products, even though I haven’t needed/used them for several years.

More photos of the awesome cue rest machined from stainless steel and black delrin are here.

The odd/unique item I have in my case is the button that grounds me and is a reminder from my days in the rat race of Corporate America.

I carry surprisingly few tip and shaft maintenance tools, due to the fact that I have a lathe sitting on my kitchen counter.

Please let me know if you’ve got questions via the comment system or a private email.

Thank you,
Mike Fieldhammer
Professional Billiard Instructor, Player, and Salesman