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A step in the wrong direction by the BCAPL and CSI?

Posted on 23. Jun, 2010 by .


Just one week after my diatribe about what’s wrong with pool and how to fix it, I’m shocked by today’s CSI press release. They are adding an ADVANCED DIVISION.  This will fall between the Open and Masters divisions.  Grand Masters is still there at the top.

I haven’t fully digested the news and impact it may have, but something in my gut just screams that more divisions equals more sandbagging, difficulty placing players accurately in divisions, and less money paid out to the winners. The money just gets spread out and it may not entice players to come to the tournament and take a shot at the big prize. I’ll write more about this development very soon.

Here’s the entire press release from the BCAPL/CSI group:

CSI Expands BCA Pool League Player Rating Categories; Adds New Division

The past two years CueSports International (CSI) analyzed the growth of player’s skill levels at the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships and decided to create a new rating classification: the Advanced Division.

CSI has also reclassified all active Player Members to be included in the other singles divisions (based on their individual ability).
The Advanced Division was created to add a level of play that falls between the Open Division and the Master Division. The goal is to allow more players to participate and to further competitive opportunity.

The following new Advancement Criteria is effective June 1, 2010 and is retroactive to all players who have cashed in the singles divisions of the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships since 2005 and all recognized BCAPL state and regional rankings.

New Advancement Criteria Old Policy New Policy
Top 8 from Men’s Open Master Master
Top 4 from Women’s Open Singles Master Master
9th-48th from Men’s Open Singles Master Advanced
5th-12th from Women’s Open Singles Master Advanced
Top 8 from Men’s Player Member Singles Master Advanced
Top 2 from Women’s Player Member Singles Master Advanced
Top 6 from Men’s Senior Singles Master Advanced
Top 3 from Women’s Senior Singles Master Advanced

Team Masters:
All Team Masters will be placed on the Advanced player list. The Team Master category is based on an individual’s participation on a team’s finish at the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships.

State Masters:
Players who are currently listed in their state as a Master player (but who have not participated in the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships) may remain as a Master or be moved down to the Advanced Division based on known ability and state and regional tournament results from 2005 – 2010.

Player Members:
All new Player Members, beginning June 1, 2010 will be required to enter the Advanced or higher Singles Divisions, ranked based on known ability. New and established Player Members (who have not cashed) may request consideration to enter the Open Division, but will be assessed individually.

Players on the Advanced list may petition the BCAPL to be removed. The Advanced category is based on individual play. If we have a tournament history of that player in singles that indicates that they are not an Advanced level player, they may be removed from the list and put back into the Open division.

Petition Procedure:

All requested to be removed from the either the Advanced, Master, Grand Master or Team Master list must be in writing. Telephone requests will not be accepted. Either email or mail your requests to:

Bill Stock
Director of Referees
Rules Administrator
CueSports International
2041 Pabco Rd
Henderson, NV, 89011

By Press Release – 2010-06-23

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Qlympics! Part Deux?

Posted on 28. Aug, 2008 by .


Holly from CueSports International (Mark Griffin’s company) has released this:

U.S. New National Championship Series

National Championship Series Announced by CueSports International, LLC

CueSports International, LLC (CSI), the parent company of the BCA Pool League (www.playbca.com), the United States Bar Table Championships (USBTC) and the Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament, would like to announce the National Championship Series (NCS). The NCS will be a series of five national events in the following cue sport disciplines: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14.1Continuous and One Pocket.

The first NCS event will be the 8-Ball Division. For players to participate in the 8-Ball Division they must be either a U.S. resident or possess a U.S. passport. The winner will receive all paid expenses to the prestigious World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) 2009 World 8-Ball Championship. Last year?s world event was held in Fujairah, UAE. The 2009 event is anticipated to be held in mid-April.

The following information applies to all five NCS events. Qualifier tournaments will be held at billiard rooms throughout the United States. All NCS events will be open to men and women – both amateurs and professionals. Players are not required to be a member of any national league or association. In the initial years of the NCS, everyone must qualify – there will not be any invited players.

Mark Griffin, CEO of CSI expressed the need for a more formalized national championship system, ?The U.S. is one of the few countries that does not conduct national championships. CSI saw the possibility of creating opportunities for pool players while offering national exposure for the billiards industry. This structure will determine for the first time a true national champion in all five disciplines.?

More information will be released in the next few weeks.

Room owners with any questions, interest in hosting a qualifier in your state or region, or in hosting the national event, please contact Holly Ryan at "> or at 702-719-7665.

CueSports International, LLC, goal is to create and improve opportunities for pool players of all abilities through fair governance and equitable policies.

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BCAPL 9-Ball Challenge Wrap Up

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Tyler Edey from Alberta, Canada won the 9 Ball event yesterday playing nearly flawlessly. I lost my first match on the hill and ended up drawing my Colorado teammate on the loser’s side. Won that one and another one to finish one out of the cash.

Out of 172 players, the final rounds were very exciting for me since three of the top six finishers were from Minnesota, including my good friend Demetrius who finished second to Tyler. There was a lot of great pool! See full story at InsidePoolMag.com.

Started scotch doubles today. Samm and I lost our first match, but have won our next two. We hope to be playing most of the day. More updates to come.

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