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The Emotions of Ronnie O’Sullivan

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Tortured Genius

Defending world snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan dropped another small surprise in the press conference yesterday after advancing to the semi-finals over Stuart Bingham. O’Sullivan revealed he’s really not missed snooker after taking a year off, but he missed the money. Citing his children’s private school tuition as his primary reason for jumping back in the ring for the 2013 Betfair World Snooker Championship.

The press conference had an emotional feel as O’Sullivan seemed to open up and unburden himself with the truth of why he’s playing this year. He’s committed to playing 10 events of his choosing next season to fulfill his contract with his vodka company backer.

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The Big One — Why I Wish I Was in Sheffield

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My favourite snooker event of the year is just entering the second round. Eight of the qualifiers upset their seeded opponents. I’m not enough of a snooker historian to know how that compares to other years, but it seems high to me. In fact, I’d like to know the complete list of unseeded players to reach the finals or win the event.

Watching the tournament live is a real pleasure. Thanks to interweb goodness, it can be done from our continent.

Guide to watching the Snooker World Championship from Minnesota:

Here’s the schedule to the matches. Remember we’re UTC minus 6 hours.


Here is the link to real time scoring so you can determine if there is a live stream. Also check the results tab and the players tab for results and current odds.

As of now, Judd Trump is the fav at 10/3. Robertson and O’Sullivan at 4/1, Higgins at 7/1 and Gilbert at 250/1.


The streams are here, but sometimes require some work to chase them down. The second round still has 2 table action, so check the chat and the schedule to help you find the match you’d like to see. Freddy does a great job with his site.


Where in the world is this tournament? http://g.co/maps/s4w6r

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