From June 2008:

Mike –

Thanks for the lesson last night. You provided me with a lot of great feedback, tips and drills to work on. I also wanted to provide you some feedback on your coaching. You have a very effective coaching style that builds on the positive and makes for a very conducive learning environment – even when that environment is challenged with blaring music! I felt like you really tried to diagnose and understand my mechanics before jumping to solutions. More importantly, you made sure I had an understanding of the opportunities before prescribing solutions which ensures I “buy in” to addressing the opportunity areas after the lesson is done.

I’ve been a manager in large operational organizations for most of my adult life now and have provided and witnessed much leadership coaching and instruction over the years. It didn’t take me long last night to recognize you are an excellent coach and teacher.

Thanks for the gifts of feedback and insight; I will work hard to make sure they pay dividends and take my game to the next level.


P.S. You do have to get better at throwing games! The sad part is I STILL couldn’t win….;>)