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Announcing the Predator BK3 Break Cue

Posted on 01. Nov, 2012 by .


Predator has spent years engineering an all new Break Cue that will hit my store around the end of the month. I’ve tried the prototype and will say that it is a real step up from the BK, BK2, or any other break cue you’re using. There is too much to explain in this post, but when you see the cue in person you’ll see the difference. The speed, control, and the spread of the balls will convince you. Results are what matter. I’m taking pre-orders for the first dozen cues I am shipped around the end of the month. These were ordered in July, so I’ll be among the first in the United States to receive my delivery. Drop on in to my all new online store and order yours today. I’ll be giving you weekly updates on the arrival date so you can plan on breaking it in (hee-hee) as soon as it comes in.   Billiard Coach Store Link for the Predator BK3 No Wrap Break Cue

Predator BK3 Break Cue No Wrap – All New Design and Technology!

Pre-Order the new Predator BK3 now!

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BCA trade show. Opens today.

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Las Vegas again. I’m launching the new Samsara line, networking, and shopping. More news soon.

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A Productive Week plus a Sprint EVO 4G!

Posted on 13. Jun, 2010 by .

Sprint HTC EVO 4G

My first new phone in nearly 3 years.

It’s been quite an eventful past couple of weeks. After Vegas, I spent a week in Denver with Samm. Then we headed to the Samsara shop in Rugby where Jim Stadum, Dave,  and I worked together to design their new line of cues. I can’t wait to see the prototypes!

I can’t give away too much about the designs, but I pushed for old school points with veneers in a classic color scheme and Jim smoked it out of the ballpark with a great Samsara-esque touch that might make this cue my favorite of the bunch.  For a few of the other cues, we’re shaking the trees to pull out some rare woods and combinations that will be stunning.  While at the shop, some of the best curly maple I’ve ever seen showed up so there will be a couple of cue designs that will really sing.

Next, we were off to the Sprint store in Fargo to pick up my new phone. This phone was just being launched and was so in demand that the Sprint internal computers crashed nationwide! Fortunately, we were able to visit our friends at Fargo Billiards while we waited. Talk about good service! Mo stayed late to ring up my phone and even delivered it to Fargo Billiards for us. What a guy!

Technical specs break down…

After only one week of use, here are some things I love about my new phone:

  • The Gmail | Facebook | Address book integration
  • The beautiful screen
  • Crazy GPS with Google Maps integration (I haven’t event tried the Sprint Nav yet, why bother?)
  • The Open Source Android Apps
  • The kick-a$$ 8 megapixel camera!

My favorite apps so far are:

And just because they are so cool and show off the power of hand-held devices:

  • SoundHound
  • Google Goggles

It is such a versatile and powerful phone, It’ll probably take me quite a while to figure out the best ways to use it.  Here are some photos of the phone and the final large image of the Caribou Coffee shop is an actual image from the 8 megapixel camera in the phone.

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