Las Vegas National Tournaments Scatter in 2011

Posted on 31. May, 2010 by in Announcements, Billiard Industry News, Tournament Reports

The big news from the headquarters of the (Inter)National pool tournament scene is that in 2011 all three major tournaments will be in different hotel/casino/convention centers.

BCAPL/CSI events will stay at the Riviera for the next couple of years. Tournament Director Ric Jones made an announcement over the tournament PA in the middle of the 34th annual tournament earlier this month. This announcement may have been prompted by rumors of the event relocating in 2011. I personally heard rumors of the Luxor, but believe that there are only a handful of sites that could accommodate nearly 300 pool tables. No doubt Mark Griffin’s savvy negotiating skills guarantee that the Riv is also the most affordable site in sin city.

Sometime soon before pool players descended on the Riv, competing and struggling VNEA event producers announced a southward move on the strip to Bally’s Casino and Hotel for their 2011 international tournament.

Just today, the ACS press release announced that their 2011 would be even further south at The Tropicana. They also changed their date to be the first of the three events even overlapping with the start of the BCAPL tournament up the road. I would guess that being in the third slot and catching the leftovers from the VNEA event wasn’t cutting it for the ACS. Nice move to jump to first and grab early arrivals for the biggest and best of the three.

note– I threw this post up quickly and will be doing some editing soon. More precise data and even a map will be included shortly.


Follow-Up March 2011. I’m going to be at all three events this year. Playing the singles at the Trop only adds 4 days at the beginning of the trip. BCAPL is still my favorite (and our team won it last year!) and Bally’s is expensive but I’ll check it out.

7 Responses to “Las Vegas National Tournaments Scatter in 2011”

  1. Gerald LaRochelle

    12. Oct, 2010

    would like schedules and ticket info for all PRO tour events
    in Las Vegas 2011 – will be traveling from East Coast

  2. Mike Fieldhammer

    12. Oct, 2010


    Stay tuned. I’ll have info on my site and forums. You can bet on a Professional 10 Ball event at the Riviera approximately May 15-21, 2011. Details haven’t been released yet.


  3. gabriel burns

    31. Mar, 2011

    hi there, if possible i am looking for a schedule for any pool tournaments being played in vegas from july up september october info on how to enter i live in ireland,
    i am an ex professional snooker player looking to play some 8ball if possible,9&10ball will do also, thank you for your help iff possible,hope too hear from you soon,
    kind regards gabriel burns,

  4. Mike Fieldhammer

    31. Mar, 2011


    Thanks for checking in. I’d say check out Seminole Pro Tour and AZBilliards. They aren’t necessarily in Las Vegas, but there are sure to be some great tournaments listed on both of those sites. I think there is a local Las Vegas publication that will have many local events listed. I’ll see if I can come up with the name and link.


  5. Oscar Bernardo

    13. Apr, 2011

    when exactly the tournament for 8 ball and 9 balls i would ilke to get the ticket and book my filght and hotel to watch.

  6. Mike Fieldhammer

    13. Apr, 2011

    You can see the whole month of May’s events from the calendar link at:

  7. Billiardnut

    29. Apr, 2011

    I just came across your site, Love it. I live in Vegas and will try to attend all the tournaments scattered around town. My biggest concern is how are all the vendors going to be at several places at once. Anyway keep up the good work.

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