Aging pool player part II

Posted on 08. Nov, 2010 by in Announcements

A year has gone by since my diagnosis of CMC Joint Arthritis and last week I had my third cortisone shot.  See my x-rays and part I of the story here.  This one was quick and easy and seems to be fully effective a week later. My pal John Logan came along to film the shot.

Video Link: I get a shot in the hand.

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3 Responses to “Aging pool player part II”

  1. p00lriah

    09. Nov, 2010

    i’m really sorry to hear that mr. fieldhammer. i didn’t read part one of your post so i didn’t know. hope you feel better!

    i’ve heard of people using the move free brand of vitamins for sore joints. not sure if it’s worth a try, but you never know. some people swear by that stuff, and costco sells their own version.

  2. Michael Reddick

    09. Nov, 2010

    Getting old sucks doesn’t it? I definitely don’t recommend it!

  3. zuelke

    09. Nov, 2010

    get old takes guts, however it beats the alternative. If it can’t kill you – ir someone you love – deal with it.


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