Taking Some Time Off Pool Can Be a Good Thing

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Mahjong and antiquing: Good for your game and soul.

Many pool players have addictive personalities. It’s easy to go overboard and overdo things. Once in a while taking a week or two off from pool playing can be a smart idea. You can unwind and come back with new energy and excitement to play the game.

In Minnesota, the pool scene tapers off in the summer. Sometimes a break of a couple of months is perfectly understandable and maybe even advisable. The weather is nice and outdoor activities can have rejuvenating powers. Use this time to take in fresh air and work on other pursuits that will have a positive impact on your pool game.

Many professional and amateur pool players love golf. The physical motion of a golf swing is similar to a pool stroke in many ways. Alignment, stationary ball, target, and a swinging motion with good tempo and acceleration

Golfing can help your pool game.

are common to both sports. Like my dad says when I drain a long putt, “That’s because you’re used to looking at balls on a green surface.” I know the skills and techniques translate nicely between golf and pool. When the golf season ends, your pool game can be markedly improved without hitting a single ball (cue ball that is).

If a couple of months away help the game, why not a year or more? This technique can work too. Especially if it is combined with yoga, tai chi, or some other means of improving the mind and body. We all know focus and calmness bring out the best in one’s pool performance. Zen-like control of emotions during a match can yield an overwhelming advantage over frazzled and weak-willed opponents. A year or more away from the game can erase baggage carried by your subconscious. Tough losses, memorable mistakes, and personal conflicts with other players will be replaced by enlightenment and enjoyment of the moment. The journey of pool will cease to be the path to suffering.

Sometimes the path to excellent pool is some time off and some golf.

Becoming a well rounded pool player should include other pursuits besides just playing pool. The economic crisis we are in has made many players rethink their level of involvement in leagues and tournaments. Don’t feel shame in taking a break from the game. You’ll save lots of money, spare your ego humiliating defeats, and could return a completely new player. Occasionally enough time will pass that you can enter a lower division in a tournament. This can be the ultimate gift to yourself. What you don’t understand is that with all that time golfing, practicing yoga, and other worthwhile pursuits, you’ve been saving money and working on your pool game.


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