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Posted on 15. Nov, 2011 by in Equipment, PoolSynergy

Check out Melinda’s introduction and links to all the thankful bloggers here.

Melinda is one of the most thankful people I know. She’s called upon the PoolSynergy faithful to write about something in the realm of pool that we’re thankful for. I brainstormed a quick list of more than a dozen items that sprang to mind, but each one deserves some solo attention and shouldn’t be lumped into one big list. So, there are plenty of things I’m thankful for this fall and here’s just one of them: Moori original layered tips.

Moori Cue Tips

The oldies, but goodies. Original Moori tips.

Tip technology has come a long way in the last fifteen years. I remember my college days when I played more pool in the Augsburg game room than I did studying. My tip choice in those days were the ubiquitous Le Pro which was and still is a decent tip. Once every 6 weeks I’d use my poor college student’s lathe(my lap) to trip down a fresh tip. Some Le Pro’s lasted a little longer than others but they all mushroomed. My lap served as the platform for a spinning cue shaft several times a week to sand down the mushroom. Thankfully the Japanese introduced a game-changer about a dozen years ago. The layered pigskin cue tip named Moori. I stockpiled a bunch of M and MH tips back when they were boss. Now I change tips about every 8 months and mushrooming is a minor inconvenience just once. A week after I install a new tip I trim down the slight mushrooming and the tip is good for months.  Confidence in my tip and peace of mind is a key ingredient for me to play my best pool. Trusting in my tip is a good thing. Thanks!

Mike Fieldhammer

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