Hair-Raising Tip, PoolSynergy Style

Posted on 15. Feb, 2012 by in PoolSynergy


Thank you for visiting my website. I apologize for the infrequent posts lately. I wanted to do my best for this month’s PoolSynergy assignment, but have run out of time. Pitching tips is right up my alley, but I couldn’t put words to the page in time. So, here’s just one quick tip and be sure to click on the “31 Tips in 31 Days” tag for plenty of other succinct tips for your game.

Make sure you’re seeing clearly. For best eyesight while playing, keep your eyebrows in check. This is especially important for players who get their chin right down on the cue and don’t wear glasses. If a couple of eyebrows are dangling down, it can be a minor and almost unnoticeable distraction. The blurring effect can be so minor it doesn’t really register, but it does. Clip those brows or do what Dennis Hatch does: he moistens his fingers and flattens out those bushy rascals before a big set.

Check out John Biddle’s intro and links to all this month’s topics here.


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  2. Larry

    15. Mar, 2012

    Great tip, Mike! I’ve never heard someone talk about this before, but I have some related experience with it. I don’t have bushy eyebrows, but I do have a lot of eye lashes and a couple of them will sometimes grow downward and just barely get in the way of my vision.

    I recently bought a pair of tiny curved scissors from a drugstore and snipped the 2-3 lashes that were growing downward, and I’m convinced that it did help my game.

    I also wear contacts and make sure to keep some Visine in my case for when my eyes start to get dry or itchy. Can’t shoot well without seeing well!


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