Is it getting worse? Why Brunswick?

Posted on 08. Jul, 2008 by in Announcements

I just got news that Brunswick is pulling the plug on their Brunswick Home & Billiard stores in Denver. I guess back in 2003 they thought opening company owed retail stores might be a good idea. They opened 2 stores in Denver and one each in Chicago and Boston. Now that times are tough they are closing the two in Denver. No idea about the other two locations.

Store closing sale ad.

Why Brunswick?

Brunswick has been the market leader for pool tables and game room furnishings since 1845 because we offer the industry’s largest selection of high quality product, backed by a lifetime warranty and supported locally by the best dealer network in the business.

We offer something for all tastes and budgets, from legendary heirloom-quality furniture, to traditional yet durable pool tables starting at just $1,499. All of our products are installed in your home with the same level of world-class service and attention to detail. Don’t be fooled by competitors who arbitrarily inflate their retail values so they can offer the perception of huge savings and then use independent contractors to coordinate your installation.

There are real reasons why families and professional players for over 161 years have chosen Brunswick over the competition. With Brunswick you get the best products and service at competitive prices everyday.

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  2. TWW

    06. Aug, 2008

    I can tell you why. Brunswick no longer makes a solid table. Three years ago I was in the market for a pool table. I did four months of reading and reserch. I don’t mean an hour once a week either. I was all over the internet, visiting stores, and talking to owners. Lets get real, solid tables are expensive. As any pool player can affirm, it pays to learn and cost not to. I started the search by looking at a Brunswick Hawthorn a friend of mine owns. It is about twenty years old and is in great shape. All wood and not one metal bracket. Flat and true as any table I have played on. The frame is solid with cross members right down the middle. Compared to the tables Brunswick makes today, Not even close. Sure they can make the same thing today, but all the items it takes for a solid table are extras. What I found out is Brunswick went to volume and gave up quality. They are(were)know for tables that lasted for 100 years. I wouldn’t give two cents for one to last 10 years. What it all came down to is Brunswick is trying to sell tables only by their name and not their product. Its great have a BMW, but without an engine it is worthless. Thats why Brunswick. RIP.

  3. Mark Maxey

    10. Feb, 2010

    Brunswick is going down the tubes on the commercial table end. Diamond simply is producing a better product at a dramatically lower price $4500 vs $9k for a gold crown 9′.

    Brunswick tables also are very pricey relevant to offerings from most other major vendors such as olhausen. Companies like brunswick make most of their money in the home table market and flat out brunswick is pricing themselves out of that market.

    I’ve also heard rumors that the gold crown and metro were built overseas.

  4. Mike sabol

    03. Sep, 2015

    The reason the gold crown table is so expensive compared to a diamond is because Brunswick does not sell directly to the public like diamond. Wholesale price to a Brunswick dealer is less than half of retail and this is because the retailers have to make money to stay in business. Please don’t think the bmw dealer is only making 300 dollars on a car they sell. Diamond chooses to sell directly to the public but they don’t get help from retailers pushing their product. The end result is that Brunswick sells far more home tables because a retailer is going to push a product that makes them money. A Brunswick gold crown is still made with heavy quality wood. The slate has an MDF liner that isn’t as durable as solid poplar like years ago but times change. That being said I agree with others that say a Brunswick home table isn’t as good of a pool table. I personally have a gold crown 1 that was made in 1963 and would never replace it with anything. Peace out.

  5. C. McRae

    26. Nov, 2016

    Have a Brunswick Hawthorn 8′, 1″ slate model about 20-24 years old. Moved twice. Little used but loved it when did play!
    Cost over $4,000. They may not be good today, but this table is super well built!!
    Have cues, pool table light, clock, cover, et al.
    All bought in Elmhurst – all A # 1.

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