Derby City Classic is different somehow

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2010 is the second year in a row that the Derby City Classic has been held at the Horseshoe Casino just across the Ohio river from Louisville, Kentucky. It felt strange last year, but this year feels even weirder. Virtually all the Euro killers are absent. Big names from the US skipped the banks and might skip the 9-ball. Why? Some huge tournament in Germany. The World Team Championships or “WTC” promises $100,000 to the winning team of 4 players. I’ve heard there are already teams from 51 different countries entered in the event that begins January 30. Players from Europe that didn’t make the trip to Derby include Mika, Ralf, Neils, Marcus, and Thorston. Yes, Toasty lives in Florida now and Mika in NYC, but they were in Spain for a wicked Predator 10 ball event and just couldn’t fathom flying back to the US for a short stay then turning back to Europe for the WTC.

Word is amongst US players is that Shane, Johnny, Rodney, and Corey won’t even play in the Derby 9-ball event because they fly out in just a few days. This is crazy stuff for the 12th annual Derby City Classic. Is this sinking in? All of these players mentioned so far are recognizable by their first names. And Derby has been along with Barry Behrman’s US Open 9-Ball Championships the flagship pool tournament in the United States. What gives?

I guess the World Pool Association didn’t mind scheduling their WTC on a conflicting weekend with the DCC because Greg Sullivan didn’t sanction his event with the WPA. It seems to me that there is a list of criteria that needs to be done to gain the WPA stamp of approval, but maybe it was too much of a headache or maybe the nature of the blind draw and re-buy every round doesn’t comply with WPA regulations. Too bad, because in my opinion it would have been worth the hassle to ensure all of the world’s best players could attend this year’s DCC.

I know that in the last few years there is great gambling action on the first weekend in the TAR pit and other tables at the event. My impressions this year were that it was VERY quiet the through the first few days. At the Executive Inn, you could barely find an available table at 1 am to play on. This year some evenings at 10 pm you have your pick of nine footers.

I think the final number of entries for the Banks was 356 players. It is generally over 400. The One-Pocket event might have been just shy of 300 players and it seems that many of the first round losers might not even buy back in. Consequently, rounds are running quickly and with time to spare. This could be seen as a good or bad thing. Players here know to expect a long wait to play their first match and an even longer wait to play their second. This year Paul Smith and Ed Scott have done a nice face lift to the tournament draw software. Next round match draw times are posted on the scrolling update page and there haven’t really been any postponements as in prior years. The tournament web page is thankfully available in the Horseshoe guest rooms this year, a massive improvement in convenience over last year.

The best thing about this year’s event is that the Filipinos are here. Once again I’ll say that every player deserves a chance to see Efren play one pocket in person. It is as close to a spine chilling pleasure in billiards as you can get. All the Pinoys play fantastic one hole and they are here in numbers. Alex, Jose, Rudolfo, Fransisco, and of course Efren. Watch them if you can.

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  1. Warren Carter

    30. Jan, 2010


    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Derby City Classic. I enjoyed our one pocket match. Who would have thought that I could not intentionally scratch on that last ball.
    I was totally overconfibent on the shot and came up out of the shot while shooting it.
    Just wanted to say it was a pleasure playing with you. It was a match I will think about for quite a while. The one that should have been. IMO!!!

    I will agree Greg is killing the tournament. Not the same since he decided to move to the casino. It’s not about the pool to him any more but more about how much the bottom line is enlarged. He had the audacity to tell me that and I’ll quote him: “Warren, If it wasn;t for the re- buys I could not put on this tournament”. I know he has a deal that includes profits form a 300 room block at the hotel according to his friend Truman Hogue. We had comp rooms at the hotel for playing at the casino but could not use them due to his block of rooms for the tournament even though we were palyers in the tournament. They could not comp the $99. rooms that Greg had to make money off of.
    His bottom line is killing the tournament.

  2. Gary Hume

    04. Feb, 2010

    Hey Mike you have made some really great points. I personally think alot of the reason for the shortage in players besides the Germany event is that the cost of the rooms and the food. With this being my first Derby actually working it I have alot of thoughts and ideas for the future of this event and maybe we could get together and discuss some of them ,but how are we going to get people to listen. People like you and Samm really make me want to get more involved in this life called Pool, so keep up the hard work it really does motivate people whether you know it or not. Thanks for taking the time to read this Best wishes and good Luck this year your personal Diamond Billiard Mechanic Gary Hume

  3. Dean Bradley

    08. Feb, 2010

    Nice article on the DCC Mike. I enjoyed reading it. You’re right about the WPA though, they don’t seem to be worried about the sport it’s more about the WPA. It hurts the entire industry when you step on each others events. Hopefully they will change their ways in the future but I think it will take some major changes. The “it’s our way or the highway” mind set will always fail.

    Nice read. Thanks


  4. Randall

    02. Mar, 2010

    I’ll tell ya exactly why Derby City Classic feels and with out a doubt is different.It’s always has and always will be about the promoter’s money made.Period.First,eventhough your just across the river from Louisville Ky.It’s still not a old style Derby City atmosphere.The only thing to do at the old location and the best location was Shoot pool Watch pool Drink Play cards at the somewhat secret Hotel room hosting the card game and Drink some more and tell lies or old pool stories that everyone probably knew but still after hearing them god only knows how many times everyone wanted to hear then again ! Move Derby back to Kentucky.It will fix what’s mostly wrong with the tournament now.Most gamblers who play pool would rather lose their hard earned green to a awesone pool player than to some fat cats casino owners that their names you can’t pronounce.Last but not least,Jeanette Lee still the prettiest Korean lady i’ve eve.r saw and i’ve been to all the big cities and some small ones in Korea.And a great personality to go with those knockout looks. Keep up the good work !!!

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